Victoria Myrand

Illustrator Tutorial: Add 3D Watercolor Effect
to Hand-Lettering/Fonts


Illustrator Creative Cloud is recommended for this tutorial. This "Happy Friday" is a design that I created to post on my business Instagram. I wanted to create a cheerful post to celebrate the joy of Friday. As I created my lettering I decided that I wanted to create a watercolor look to really make it pop! I also added a light shadow behind the lettering to give it a 3D feel.

An overview of this tutorial:

• Placed lettering and watercolor (or create text if you're using a font)
• Vectorized lettering by going to image trace - black and white logo
• Highlighted the words I wanted to add watercolor to and created a compound path
• If you're using text, created outlines, and created a compound path
• Used drawing modes, "draw inside" to paste water color texture inside lettering and font
• Created a light drop shadow behind the lettering

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Water Color Texture:

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